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Message from the President: A New Normal Through Digital Revolution

Dear Associates, The present pandemic crisis made it obvious and magnified the traditional business systems limitations and shortcomings. As the digital world is taking the spotlight in the height of COVID-19, the migration of all ages of customers and consumers to digitalism is heightened. From online food offerings and orderings, doctor's private visits and consultations, bank transactions, marketing and advertising - burned the old business trends and platforms, which we relied upon for decades, to the ground. In this time of uncertainty, I have made my own research and studied different digital approaches and applications for which I thought ICCPI associates can consolidate in their existing business modules, only to realize that the old business approach calls for innovation, to survive this era. After months of research and digging, I came across the business digital ecosystems function. Digital ecosystems refer to the platform that consolidates different applications, which interconnects multiple services. It is the catalyst to transport businesses to success in the new world we are in. With the digital ecosystems in place, users can enjoy a variety of business networks, including, suppliers, distributors, customers, organizations, agencies – tagged in the delivery of a specific product or service. A one genius integrated method of services. This technology enables business players to have a fair level in the playing field with the help of deep strategic planning about the key points relevant to customers satisfaction. This allows the business movers to win more clients and open new avenues, which translates to bigger revenues and with its limitless border, it creates accessibility to the global market. More so, launching ecosystems, gives the users the opportunity to have a personalized touch and approach on their products or services or both, to collectively address the end-to-end needs of consumers, through a single access gateway. Shifting to digital ecosystems is one of the smart moves to address current business hurdles and struggles and I recommend all of you to pursue the path of digitalization without any hesitation. In ICCPI, we have been launching and working our digital services with success since the COVID-19 obliged us to live and work on the digital world. Follow our webinars, podcasts and links to see how we are constantly supporting our Associates. Who could have ever imagined, that with just one press on the keys, the world is in your hands.  For more details and further understanding about how ecosystems work and how ICCPI can support your business, please do not hesitate to contact our ICCPI office. We are always here at your service and wishing you well,

President Sergio Boero


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