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Message from the President

For the past six years of serving as the President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines, I learned many things along the way. I gained some happy experiences, enhanced my knowledge, earned some friends, as well as the discovery of joy and fulfillment of sharing my expertise.

During my time, our office was able to connect the Italian companies in Italy and around the Region as well to the local businesses in the country, for which opened avenues to economic opportunities. More so, we made sure to assist and reach-out to our members needs, be available to listen to the struggles they are facing and come-up with the right solution, to take them out from their burden.

We were able to improve the office management and the working culture, together with our distinguished board of directors and dedicated ICCPI staff. Because of which, our chamber professionalism status levelled up, aligning with our sister chambers in ASEAN region, which in fact, started many years ahead of us.

When I started working for the chamber, the total number of associates was 33, after 6 years of hard work and perseverance, we managed to reach 85, up to March 2020, till the Pandemic started in the Philippines.

ICCPI achieved many goals and victories. One of them is the recognition of our chamber, by the ASSOCAMERESTERO - for the first time on 2018. In line with this, we managed to promote the Philippines as an emerging promising market to more then 300 Italian companies during our business mission trips in Italy. Furthermore, we were able to establish a professional relationship with the other chamber of commerce around Italy and to other important institutions with whom we are constantly collaborating.

As a way of gratitude to the Italian Chamber and to all of you who gave me your vote of confidence and trust again, I can assure you I will commit myself again, to serve you as President for the next 2 years mandate.

We are facing still a serious Pandemic that is keep on affecting ICCPI and good portion of our Associates negatively and I believe more months of sacrifice await us.

But ICCPI after this difficult year came out stronger and I am sure united we will overcome problems and challenges without any doubts. 

Thank you again for your vote of confidence,

I stay at your disposal, as usual.

Respectfully Yours,

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Sergio Boero
The Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines
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