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The Italian Chamber of Commerce is an active partner of the following institutions in promoting, putting forward and working hand in hand for robust relations, business partnerships, and advocacies not only between Italy and the Philippines but also to Europe and the rest of the world.

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The signing of the Treaty of Friendship and General Relations on July 9, 1947 marked the start of diplomatic relations between the Italian Republic and the Republic of the Philippines. It was on July 5, 1948 when a Legation—the first Philippine diplomatic mission to Italy—was established. Eventually, an Embassy was formalized on August 9, 1956.

The current Ambassador of Italy to the Philippines is His Excellency Giorgio Guglielmino. Last July 2017, the Italian Republic and the Republic of the Philippines celebrated their 70th year of diplomatic relations.
The Philippine-Italian Association (PIA) is a non-profit organization created in 1962. Since its creation PIA has been operating with the goal to promote closer relations between the Philippines and Italy, especially in the fields of culture, language and arts.
  • PIA has a language center for Italian and Filipino language, with Saturday courses; Italian intensive courses (TESDA certified); private tutorials; an e-learning platform for Italian language.
  • PIA organizes cultural activities and events that promote understanding and friendship between the people of the two countries.
  • PIA disposes of a rich and precious library and video-library open to the public.
  • PIA has a translation and interpreting office.
  • PIA, through its endowment fund, supported and still does many social projects developed by 3 Italian missionary organizations (Servants of Charity, Canossians, Sisters handmaids of Charity)
Currently there is no info platform on where to gather extensive information on infrastructure and construction projects, planned, ongoing and in the pipeline. The country’s main industry stakeholders from government and private sector are joining forces for the benefit of Build, Build, Build!
What to find?
On this online group’s info platform members can obtain detailed information on the country’s infrastructure and construction projects, be it government funded, ODA or PPP Projects. With the involvement of LGU’s potential new projects can be streamlined for potential PPP and proponents and partners can be found.
What to expect?
  • Access to the valuable network of founding member organizations
  • Involvement to the key-players of the industry
  • Monthly newsletter of Philippine infra-construction updates
  • Access to the ICFG online platform for free and on-demand project information, news, updates, special requests
  • Meet potential clients, project proponents, suppliers, contractors, consultants, engineers, architects, LGU’s, financing institutions.
The Makati Business Club is a private non-stock, non-profit business association organized as a Forum for Constructive Ideas. The main thrust of the MBC is to foster and promote the role of the business sector in national development efforts, both in the planning and the implementation of policies. It is committed to addressing national economic and social issues that affect the development of the Philippines.

Founded in 1981, the MBC is composed of the largest and most dynamic corporations in the Philippines represented by their senior executives. It has become the leading private forum for meetings that bring together business, government, and community leaders in the country.

The MBC carries out its objectives through four main lines of activity: policy advocacy, information services and publishing, investment promotion, and corporate citizenship.
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The South East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk is an initiative of the European Commission, which supports European Union (EU) small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to both protect and enforce their Intellectual Property (IP) rights in the region. IP rights are a fundamental asset for SMEs, but companies often underestimate them. An effective IP strategy is crucial for EU SMEs to safely enter new markets and succeed in their internationalisation process.
The aim of the SEA IPR SME Helpdesk is providing SMEs with all the necessary information to develop an effective IP strategy and to put it in place. Companies can contact them any time to receive first-line, confidential and free of charge response to any questions regarding IP protection in the Philippines (and in the other ASEAN countries), within working days. 
For any inquiries, contact
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The Casa Puddu Academy was founded in 2010 to promote the Sardinian agri-food, wine and food heritage. It organizes various initiatives (courses, meetings, studies, conferences, debates, events, seminars…) aimed at making consumers, institutions and businesses aware of quality cuisine.


Through the enhancement of typical products, it builds a showcase of excellence, favoring the visibility of the cultural-environmental heritage that is transmitted with the great cuisine of the territory, training young talents in order to make them protagonists of the relaunch of the culture of food and native productions. Accademia Casa Puddu promote business creation in the agrifood sector and hospitality among young people in the area, through training, re-qualification and career guidance activities. Finally, it carries out an intense activity of construction of territorial networks in the local food supply chains.

Accademia Casa Puddu is locate in Marmilla, a small region of Sardinia, Italy, more precisely in Baradili, one of the smallest towns in Italy. It offers classrooms and laboratories equipped with professional equipment and innovative Electrolux Professional technologies designed to allow students to learn in a context very similar to the kitchen of a restaurant.

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