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Highlights of President Sergio's Business Trip in Italy 2020

President Sergio's arrival in Italy last month of August was booked to give a series of visits to several Italian companies. It meant more than just business since his goal was to truly get direct authentic experiences from companies that are making their mark in the Italian scene. Aside from his courtesy call to the new Consul General in Milan and his interesting visits to one of the Finest Cheese Factory in Sardinia, here are more of the highlights of his trip in Italy adding Argiolas Formaggi and Cantina del Giogantinu on the list.

First Stop! Argiolas in Sardegna Italy! an island and regione (region) of Italy, the second-largest island in the Mediterranean and lies roughly 190 miles west of Italy's mainland.

President Sergio Boero with the very welcoming representative of Argiolas in Sardinia, on Tuesday, 15 September 2020.

#CompanyStory Argiolas Formaggi was born in 1954 in Dolianova, among the green hills of Campidano, in the province of Cagliari, thanks to the initiative of two young brothers: Ennio and Eligio. Argiolas Formaggi is today a state-of-the-art dairy industry in the sector of the production of typical Sardinian cheeses, which uses only local sheep and goat milk. The absolute certainty of the product's wholesomeness is guaranteed by a state-of-the-art internal analysis laboratory, which checks in detail every stage of processing. Their mission is consumer satisfaction by offering products from the ancient Sardinian dairy tradition combined with the highest hygienic and technological standards.

Today Argiolas Formaggi, is now in its 60 years of producing traditional dairy of sheep and goat cheese, they pride on quality, research and environmental sustainability. Truly Argiolas Formaggi is a story, a family and a passion.