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ICCPI Leadership Awards 2023: A Prestigious Ceremony Celebrating Exemplary Leadership

The 3rd edition of the ICCPI Leadership Awards is set to take place on November 16 2023, at the Fairmont Hotel Makati. This distinguished event aims to spotlight and commend exemplary business leaders, innovative entrepreneurs, and organizations that persistently champion exceptional practices, contributing to global excellence within their respective sectors.

Undoubtedly, the ICCPI Leadership Awards represents the pinnacle of the organization's annual calendar, standing out as a premier and highly prestigious affair. The tagline for the event, "Empowering and Inspiring Others," underscores the profound commitment not only to acknowledge individuals demonstrating unparalleled leadership but also to serve as a wellspring of inspiration and motivation for emerging academics, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and managers alike. This event will be graced by the presence of his Excellency, the Honorable Ambassador of Italy to the Philippines, Hon. Marco Clemente and the Chairman of the Philippine National Railways, Chairman Michael Ted Macapagal.

There are a total thirty (30) nominees for 10 different awards categories including, (1) Woman in Business of the Year, (2) Exceptional Entrepreneur Award, (3) “ItalPinoy” of the Year, (4) Restaurateur of the Year, (5) Emerging Entrepreneur, (6) Sustainability Business/ Entrepreneur, (7) Innovation Champion, (8) Young Business Leader, (9) Outstanding Leadership, and (10) Italian Executive of the Year. 

The panel of  judges include Dante Ang- Chairman and CEO of the Manila Times, Dr. Jikyeong Kang- President, CEO& Dean of the Asian Institute of Management (AIM), Mike Guarin- Partner at KMPG Philippines,Spanky Enriquez- RestoPH, Director of Communications and Dr. Gwendolyn Pang- Secretary General at Philippine Red Cross.

The List of Nominees include the following:

Miles Ballestar, Lota Lazarte Manalo, Michael Villostas Maranan


  • Miles Ballestar- Managing Director of iONTEK Power Solutions Corp.

  •  Hon. Lota Lazarte-Manalo-President of Ginga Agrifood Manufacturing

  • Michael Villostas Maranan-Founder/CEO of Taal Maranans Farmville


  • Ingga Cabangon- Woudwyk-CEO of Crosta Pizzeria

  • Cerael C.. Donggay-CEO of Greenergy Development Corp.

  •  Alejandro Mañalac-Chairman and Co-Founder of Havitas Developments and Real Estate News PH


  • Josh Meneses Ramos- President of Menra International

  • Michael Reyes-General Manager of The Wine Club Worldwide, Inc.

  • Penny Estrada- Cheif Commercial Officer, International Container Terminal Services, Inc.


  • Werner Berger-CEO of Santis Delicatessen

  • Luciano Zanirato-Director of Silver Secrets, INC.

  • Romolo Nati-Chairman and CEO of Italpinas Development Corporation


  • David Sison-Co-Founder and CEO of Mama Lou’s Hospitality Group

  • Giulius Iapino-CEO/President of Parmigiano and Mamma Mia

  • Amado Fores-Founder and Owner of A Mano


  • Indu Badlani-CEO of Staffing Expert

  • Elizabeth Carlos-Timbol-CEO of Elti Group of Companies, Inc.

  • Melissa Ellen Belvis-Managing Director of A.Menarini


  • Ton Concepcion-Chairman and CEO of SMEG Philippines

  • Liza Manalo-Mapagu-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ASEAMETRICS

  • Gerard Dubois-Founder and Chairman of La Roise Noire


  • Jenny Lin G. Maaño-Co-Founder and President of Sunsmart Solar Power Technology Inc.

  • Cosette V. Canilao-President and CEO of Aboitiz Infracaptital, Inc.

  • Irene Maranan-Vice President and Head of Communications and Sustainability of ACEN Energy


  • Simone Colombara-Regional Sales Director of Crif Philippines

  • Lorenzo Boffi-Associate Director of Habitat for Humanity International

  • Luca Diciolla-AVP Sales and Marketing of Rimadesio Philippines


  • Gerry Sy-President of Opulence

  • Rosemarie Rafael-CEO/President of Airspeed and Women’s Business Council

  • Eric Teng-Owner of Mango Tree and Genki Sushi

Beyond a mere celebration of achievements, the event aspires to cultivate a culture of empowerment and inspiration, instilling a sense of encouragement for the next generation of leaders. The deliberate choice of the tagline reflects the broader mission of the ICCPI Leadership Awards, emphasizing the transformative power of leadership in nurturing talent, fostering innovation, and steering enterprises toward sustainable success.

The distinguished gathering will be graced by keynote speakers of notable stature, adding a layer of significance to the occasion. Among them, the Honorable Italian Ambassador to the Philippines, His Excellency Marco Clemente, will impart insights from his diplomatic perspective. Furthermore, the Chairman of the Philippine National Railways, Michael Ted Macapagal, will bring his wealth of experience to the forefront, contributing to the depth and diversity of the event's discourse.

The ICCPI Leadership Awards is not merely an event; it is a platform where excellence is celebrated, inspiration is cultivated, and the torch of leadership is passed on to shape the future of business and innovation. As the event unfolds in the elegant surroundings of Fairmont Hotel Makati, it is poised to mark another milestone in recognizing and honoring those who embody the spirit of leadership, setting benchmarks for others to aspire to and surpass.

This event is sponsored by Oman Air, CRIF Philippines, Security Bank, Accenture, Kelmer Group, Cirdtech Photobooth, Robinsons Land Corporation, and All Transport Network. 

Written by: Gabrielle Lopez, November 11, 2023 ICCPI


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