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ICCPI President Visits One of the Finest Cheese Factory in Sardinia Italy

The President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines  -Sergio Boero, travelled back to Italy from the Philippines last August, after months of flights being postponed due to the ongoing lockdown in the Philippines.

Set out on a journey for his line up of Italian companies to visit,  his goal was to get direct authentic experiences from companies that are making their mark in the Italian scene. Sergio had the pleasure to be invited to visit each Italian company, but first to cross off from his list was an interesting cheese factory that has been producing high-quality cheeses since 1958. Formaggi Potentina which translates to 'Potentina Cheeses'. Cheese, the soul of Sardinia Italy has its own stories and processes to tell. 

Gerardo - the owner and founder of  Potentina who also came from Sardinia and Cagliari, welcomed Sergio with delight to their factory on the 1st of September. Sergio indeed enjoyed his visit to their cheese factory and I had the pleasure to directly interview him with the  details and stories that made his visit interesting. 

#Why did you choose to accept the visit or why you became interested in touring this company?

"They are Famous for this cheese:

~ the Campidanese ~ In the video, filmed inside the Potentina store, the opening of an intonsy shape (drum-shaped wheels) of the tasty pecorino cheese. Produced from sheep milk, exclusively from Sardinian pastures."

Here's a short clip filmed inside the Potentina Store, as seen on Formaggi Potentina's Facebook page.

#Are they a big company established/big company in Italy or still starting up?

"Potentina cheeses have been accompanying Cagliaritani meals since 1958"

#What's their story? What makes their product/processes stand out amongst the rest in Italy?

"They have this product called GRAN CAGLIARITANO, it is a new product recently designed by the company Potentina. A delight for the palate, it approaches the consistency of grana and parmesan, but it's made with sheep's milk! The shape in the photo is 8 months of maturing, but the highlight of ripening is expected in December."

This last question wraps up my brief interview with the President.

#What was your impression with the company/product/services and how it aligns your goal/vision for the Chamber or for the Philippines?

"As many other companies in Italy they are producing quality products that can be introduced to the Filipinos."

Cari lettori, this is just one of the many stories President Sergio Boero will be sharing here so we get first-hand updates to what's happening in the world of business in Italy.

See you on our next blog!


Christine Litonjua


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