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The Right Way to Eat Your Pasta

One of the most, if not the most, highlighted, well-celebrated, and recognized Italian cuisine staples is pasta. The mere mention of Italian cuisine begs the involvement of pasta of some kind or another and has become a worldwide phenomenon in different aspects of food and cuisine. The Italian influence on the sole basis of pasta has spread all over the world creating variations and versions relevant and apt to the local taste. However, arguably, Italian pasta still reigns supreme.

In the same way that there is an Italian way to cook and prepare different recipes and dishes of pasta, there also, apparently is the correct and the Italian way to consume pasta, down to the debate on the inclusion of the use of spoons while eating pasta the Italian way. In an article by the New York Times, Adi Giovanetti, proprietor of Il Nido and Luigi Nanni, proprietor and chef of both Nanni's and Il Valetto cited that one of the most common ways of eating pasta from a bowl or plate.

He sampled this by saying that having a spoon on the place setting in case the nature of the pasta sauce is runny. Scooping the sauce and the cheese or toppings onto the pasta and using the spoon to assist in wrapping the pasta around the fork before consuming a mouthful without any pasta hanging down from the fork. Regardless of the manner of cooking or eating pasta one thought and notion reigns dominant, the Italian pasta will always be viewed to be the authentic, sophisticated, and highly regarded dishes in the world!

Written by: Patricia Callao, November 28, 2022


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