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Your Power Store for Power Perfect Fit

Don't be left in the dark! Get Protected from Power Outages, Surges, Fluctuations and Incidents.

How can iONTEK be of service to you? We are your Global Trade partner for Italy Power product brands & assembler - manufacturer of Lokal brand owner of iONTEK. We have provided 8800++ combined AVR & UPS installations for Power Regulations and Back up Power systems since 2009. We have protected company equipment & machine investments through engineering innovation of power products from our own local brand - iONTEK through engineering innovation of power products and being one of the bridges that connects European - Italian power brands to Philippines.

"The Ferrari for AVR and UPS”

Why Choose iONTEK

Power Quality is always a Mission Critical. iONTEK™ power brand of automatic voltage regulator and uninterruptible power supply products both the European Italy brands work collaboratively in serving the target market. Residential, Industrial and Medical Equipment are investment we protect from power fluctuation, surges and power outage.

iONTEK Power Solutions works as a Team player for Commercial Power and Power Cooperative provider to ease these burdens on the side of end user. Our company has been in the journey of creating and establishing beneficial relationships among the Power key companies.

Get Connected. Get Your Power.


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