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Italy by Design Conference 2023, a Creative Platform for Architects and Designers in the Philippines

Arch. Romolo Nati, CEO of ItalPinas Development, Inc.

The Italian Chamber of the Philippines, Inc. (ICCPI), in collaboration with GlobalLink-MP and Olacon Events, successfully held the Italy by Design Conference 2023 last September 21, 2023 at the SMX Convention Center, bringing together local and international architects and designers. Italy by Design Conference 2023 served as a creative platform for architects and designers to share their insights and visions for the future of design, showcasing the different perspectives of architecture between European states and Southeast Asian regions.

Arch. Royal Pineda, CEO of Royal Pineda +

Among the distinguished speakers at the event was Architect Royal Pineda, the Principal Architect and CEO of ROYAL PINEDA+Architecture and Design. His enthusiasm for fusing modern design with Filipino culture and history captivated the audiences. His works are a beautiful example of how modern aesthetics may coexist with respect for nature and the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines. Architect Romolo Nati, the CEO of ItalPinas Development Corporation, added another layer of depth to the conference by shedding light on Sustainability and Green Design. Various experts in the field of design and architecture also graced the said conference to expand the audience's perspective further. Experts such as Ar. Cathy Saldana, President of PDP Architects, and Mr. Luca Vezzaro, CEO of Four Legged Tiles, delivered their respective speeches face-to-face. While Ar. Gordon Gn, Office Director, Vice President of HKS Singapore, and Prof. Anna Barbara, Chairwoman of Politecnico di Milano - POLI.Design gave their speeches through a recording flashed during the conference.

The Politecnico di Milano - POLI.Design is hosting a webinar on October 18, 2023, titled "Introducing Sensitaliani Philippines: A Webinar on Italian Design and Excellence." We cordially invite professionals, students, and enthusiasts in the fields of architecture and design to join us in this informative session to gain insights into the courses available at Politecnico di Milano - POLI.Design. Your participation can pave the way to a deeper understanding of Milan's contributions to global design standards.

Register for this webinar for FREE here:

Article written by: Francis Generoso, Alex Mendoza and Hanela Bolus. Article edited by Gabrielle Hahn Lopez and Andrea Azaña, ICCPI Photos taken by: Francis Generoso

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