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Memorandum of Understanding signed with Accademia Casa Puddu

It is not a coincidence that the Italian Chamber of Commerce signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) during the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World with one of the most prestigious culinary institutions of the Italian Peninsula. On November 25, 2020, ICCPI and Accademia Casa Puddu signed a MOU establishing a collaboration on activities and events that aims to promote the excellency of Italian Cuisine in the Philippines.

The Cassa Puddu Academy is an Italian culinary school situated in Marmilla, a small region of Sardinia, more precisely in Baradilli. It promotes the local agri-food, wine and food heritage through various initiatives (courses, meetings, studies, conferences, debates, events, seminars, etc.). Its main objective is to create awareness among consumers and institutions about the high quality of Italian cuisine.

It builds a showcase of excellence, favoring the visibility of the cultural-environmental heritage that is transmitted with the great cuisine of the territory, training young talents in order to make them protagonists of the relaunch of the culture of food and native productions.

Accademia Casa Puddu promotes business creation in the agrifood sector and hospitality among young people, through training, re-qualification and career guidance activities


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