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Unveiling Sustainable Architectural Designs at the 2nd International Furniture Show

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines, Inc. (ICCPI), in partnership with Global-Link MP and Olacon Events, conducted two exclusive conferences; the 2nd edition of the International Furniture Show (IFS): New Lifestyle Trends and Italy by Design Conference that took place last 9th and 10th March 2023 at the SMX Convention Center. The events have brought together Italian and Filipino architects and designers that highlighted ways of conceptualizing spaces and product ideas, featuring sustainable design, green architectural trends, and innovation.

ICCPI President, Sergio Boero together with the ICCPI Executive Director, Lorens Ziller

One of the design professionals who came during the New Lifestyle Trends Conference is the CEO of Philippine Geogreen, Architect Liza Morales. Arch. Morales’ talk featured The Circular Economy: Sustainable Design and Technologies in the 21st Century and Beyond. She shared the current state of climate change and the use of technology in incorporating sustainability in architecture– that conceptualizing spaces sustainably can be achieved while serving nature’s interests.

President of Philippine GeoGreen, Arch. Liza Morales

The Italy by Design Conference underlined remarkable Italian design professionals, which included the Executive Chairman and CEO of ItalPinas Development Corporation, Architect Romolo Nati, who talked about Sustainable Architectural Design. During the talk, Architect Nati reminds his fellow designers that sustainable architecture is the new way of architecture– where sustainable designs and technologies meet to eliminate more harmful effects on the ecosystem.

From left to right: CEO of ItalPinas Corporation-Romolo Nati, CEO of Podular- Rocco Pennisi, CEO of Build and Design- Julienne Templonuevo, ICCPI President- Sergio Boero, CEO of Bottega di Anna Maria Luisa- Anna Maria Garcia, CEO of the Tile Gallery- Kenneth Hing, Proprietor of Atelier A- Carlo Corado and ICCPI Executive Director - Lorens Ziller

Other renowned Italian and Filipino designers and professionals such as Mr. Richard M. Garcia, National President of UAP, Mr. Benjo Marquez, Principal of BOMWRX, Architect James Jao, Chancellor-Elect of the College of Fellows by United Architects of the Philippines, Architect Cathy Saldaña, President of PDP Architects, Architect Liza Morales, CEO of Philippine Geogreen, Ms. Ivyreene Calderon, President of Ohmyhome Philippines, Ms. Julienne Templonuevo, Owner of Build and Design, Mr. Carlo Cordaro, Proprietor of Atelier A, Mr. Luca Vezzaro, CEO of Four Legged Tiles, Mr. Romolo Nati, CEO of ItalPinas Development Corp., Ms. Anna Maria Luisa Garcia, Owner of Bottega di Anna Maria Luisa, and Mr. Kenneth Hing, President of The Tile Gallery, shared their insights and expertise on innovation and the new trends of sustainable architecture.

The two-day exclusive conference where Italian and Filipino designers came together was the perfect opportunity to talk about the new sustainable ways for design and what’s to come in the future in the field of architectural design. Catch the most-awaited event of Italy by Design Series, which simultaneously happens with the Hotel Suppliers Show in September.

Written by: Therese Tresvalles, ICCPI


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